LL Design Studio specialise in high-end interior design and project management.


Based in London we work on national and international properties creating bespoke interiors that reflect our clients lifestyles.

LL Design Team

We work closely with clients, inputting from a pre-purchase stage when necessary to the assembling of a wide range of specialist consultants right through to full FF & E scheduling and accessorizing the house and therefore give each project our undivided attention as we believe in the perfect home for you!

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We strive on communicating personably and effectively with clients, architects, suppliers and all trades, as we believe teamwork is an essential part of a successful project and our driving force to a happy client.

LL design Studio instills trust, friendship, confidence, creativity, comfort and satisfied clients, which in turn creates lasting relationships that parlay into designing vacation homes and referrals to friends.

Lesley graduated from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) as an Interior Architect. She went on to work in Manhattan till she arrived in London in 1996 and started up her own company.

Being a foreigner and working the previous 8 years in the US she brought with her the flavor of NYC Modern!! As well, her experience earned her the expertise and ability to work with large groups of professionals cultivating a team who are all interested in the same goal which is efficiently producing the perfect environment the client had in mind!!

Because this is a passion for Lesley it is easy for her to not only interpret what her clients tastes are but to find new materials and new ways to transform old ideas so no two homes are the same. It is important for her to bring the clients personality out within their living space incorporating art and accessories that they have acquired throughout their lives and travels.

Lesley Reich
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